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The student will also be responsible for preparing a page research paper based on an examination of least five archival records that address a specific theme, event, or historical figure and their interpretative use by one of the authors of our texts. The second part will focus on the representations of Mexicans through selected films. Spanish motorcycle racer. Views Read Edit View history. The reports should address the overall purpose of the film, the supportive arguments and techniques that the film maker uses, and the relevance of the film to the course content. NED 2. Valenzuela, , City of Houston with Dr. I will provide a general survey of Texas history during the early s.

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The last part—worth 15 points—will incorporate the first two parts and expand the narrative into a final draft of the paper. CAT 7. The course will survey change and continuity in the history of Texas within the context of U.

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Pedrosa — A. ITA 6. How does the author do this?

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ITA This assignment will be worth 20 points. The Oral History Reader.

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AUT We will post your scores as promptly as possible. IMO 2. How effective is his explanation or argument? Stand Alvagar Grupo. Del 14 al 30 de noviembre! GER Chapter Reports. Film Reports. The Mexican community underwent significant social differentiation and pursued multiple acculturation paths.

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The Department of History is screening this film and I am making use of the opportunity to assign it for viewing outside our classroom. Three semester hours of Texas history may be substituted for half of the legislative requirement for American history. How effective is his explanation or argument? ARG 5.

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The course will also provide students an opportunity to organize an oral history project, conduct oral history interviews, transcribe portions of the interviews and analyze their interviewing experiences and findings. SPA 7. We will survey the history with lectures and readings from our two texts, as well as with films. Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas,

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